About membership Renewal

Your subscription to M KIMONO Online Lessons will expire in 12 months. As soon as your subscription expires, your paid membership period will also expire and you will no longer be able to view the paid pages. The “Membership Level” display on the login screen will change to “Free (or Expired)”.

It is possible to renew your membership before the expiration date.
If you renew before the expiration date, your new membership period will begin at the end of your current membership period. Membership terms cannot be offset for prepaid memberships.

・Click here to renew your membership >> Membership Renewal

*M KIMONO will not contact you before payment expires.
*After logging into PayPal, click the gear icon (personal settings) in the upper right corner of the screen → click “Payments” → click “Manage Automatic Payments”. You can see it under “Start Date.”