Class Schedule


Class 1: Yukata, Hitoe-kimono, Hitoe-nagajuban, Hanjuban
Class 2 (in preparation): Hitoe-Haori
Class 3 (in preparation): Other (free)

About Class 3.
We do not teach how to tailor an obi.
We do not teach cotton insertion online.
There is a limit to what we can teach.


Class 1:2nd Wednesday of every month 10:00~11:30
Class 2 : TBD
Class 3 : TBD

*National vacations, Obon and New Year’s vacations are closed.
*Please check the annual schedule. (In preparation)

Let’s have fun sewing kimonos
with M KIMONO!

VOD : Basic Yukata Sewing

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Kimono sewing 
Yukata sewing