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M KIMONO is an online kimono sewing school based in Japan. We hope to share the joy of kimono sewing with people around the world.

The articles include a glossary of terms, descriptions of sewing tools, and hand-sewing techniques. We also emphasize the importance of conveying the ancient Japanese tradition of kimono sewing as it has been since ancient times: the entire process is done by hand, the seam allowance is not cut off, and the garment is changed from a kimono to a haori.

For those who want to start kimono sewing

Unique kimono sewing terminology and basic sewing techniques are explained using videos, blogs, and documents.

For those who want to learn the traditional kimono sewing method

You can learn Japanese traditional kimono sewing method by watching recorded videos at any place and time.

For those who want to know more about kimono sewing

We have many documents available for free download. Please refer to them.

About Online Kimono Sewing Lessons

M KIMONO offers online Kimono Sewing Lessons for those who want to enjoy kimono sewing as a hobby
We want to create an environment where you can find all the information you need to sew kimonos.

What you can learn from our online Kimono Sewing Lessons

You can learn how to sew a kimono by watching recorded videos.

Video Collection

When sewing a kimono, the entire process is done by hand.
In “Basics of Hand Sewing,” you can learn basic hand sewing exercises and how to do partial stitches for free.


User’s Guide

Course fees and terms of use are available here.

Let’s enjoy kimono sewing
with M KIMONO!

Once you sew a kimono, the fun of kimono sewing is until you put it on and go out.
Let’s sew kimonos together.