M KIMONO Join us as a student in our online kimono sewing class and sew a kimono with us!

As a student (member) of M KIMONO Online Lessons, you can learn how to sew kimono at the online kimono sewing class. Here, I introduce “Online Kimono Sewing Lessons”.

I am in the process of preparing for 2023 launch.
While I am preparing, new member registration is available. I am looking forward to your registration.

Kimono sewing lessons

What is M KIMONO’s Online Lessons?

M KIMONO’s online Lessons is for people who want to enjoy kimono sewing as a hobby.
We provide an environment where you can learn kimono sewing at any place and any time. Basically, you will learn by watching recorded videos. Each class is divided according to the type of kimono worn.
We aim to complete Classes 1 and 2 by the end of 2023.

Members-only Top Page

Classes and Contents

This is the tentative schedule, but I am considering it this way.

Class 1 : Han-Juban, Suso-yoke, Yukata
Class 2 : Hitoe-Nagajuban, Hitor-kimono, Ishikiate
Class 3 : TBD

There is a Question Forum Exclusively for Students.

There is a “Question Forum” that only students (members) of the M KIMONO Online Lessens can access.
I want you to understand more deeply in the limited time available, so I accept questions or anything you want to know in advance.

Members-only question forum

About Fees

Monthly fees are charged.

Class 1 : $33
Class 2 : $55
Class 3 : $77
All prices include tax.

*You can view Class 1 by signing up for a free membership until May 30.
*Classes 2 and 3 are not yet open.

Join as a New Member

New member registration is free. Once you register as a member, you will be able to access the top page of the Online Lessons. You can also view Vlog page, Basic of hand sewing page and Kitsuke page.

About Paid Members

You need to become a paid member to take the Kimono Sewing Lessons.

To become a paid member, please register as a new member and pay the lesson fee for the class you wish to take on the “Paid Membership Registration” page. After completing the payment procedure, you will be able to access the top page of the class you wish to take.

User’s Guide

Please refer to the User’s Guide for more information about the Online Kimono Sewing Lessons.

Join M KIMONO online kimono sewing lessons
and learn how to sew kimono!

Here is an environment where you can learn kimono sewing wherever you are, regardless of where you live.