How to attach a “Hiki-ito” that can be used in place of a snap button Part 2

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This is a method of attaching a thread instead of a snap attached to the Hiro-eri (collar) of a kimono. This time, I will show you how the collar can be secured in two different places.
The nice thing about “Hiki-ito” is that it does not rust.

How to attach a Hiki-ito

This is a method of attaching the thread in a L-shape to the extension of the center of the back.
It is a good idea to make sure that the thread across around the Kata-Aki.

View from the lining of the collar : 1分=2mm

Below is a step-by-step procedure with photos.

Thread to be used

フジックス タイヤー 絹穴糸16号
(Fujix Tire Silk “Anaito” 16)

Use double strands of this thread.
Since this is a thick thread, it is recommended to use one with a large needle hole.

How to stretch threads with fold marks

Iron the wrinkled threads.

It stretches nicely.

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