Mitake : Basic Kimono measurements

This blog tell you how to determine your kimono measurements especially Mitake(body length).
There are two types of Mitake(body length): kata-Mitake and se-Mitake.

Kata-Mitake : “kata” means shoulder.
Se-Mitake : “se” means back seam.
“Mitake” means body length.

The Mitake shown here is se-Mitake.
The difference between the two types of height can be seen in the reference material.

Kimono measurements

Basic Mitake

Body height = se-Mitake (Body length)

To change the Mitake length

When the body is thick

se-Mitake (Body length)= Body height +α

When wearing a kimono, the koshihimo(waistband) is positioned low.

se-Mitake (Body length)= Body height -α

About changing the measurements

In the following cases, it is recommended that you use the basic measurements for tailoring.

  • If you are taking orders for the first time.
  • When there is no request for the body length.
  • If you have a standard body shape.

Reference Material

Name of the kimono
Kimono size

Here is free download documents >>> Kimono Documents

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