Yuki : Basic kimono measurements

I described about the kimono measurements , especially how to determine the Yuki.
For the width of the Yuki, it is best to measure the actual length of the arms and see how it feels when you try it on.
The Yuki calculated from the height is often a rough guide.
Here I would like to introduce how to calculate the width of the Yuki, which is calculated from the height.

NOTE : This calculates is for Japanese people.

kimono measurements
yuki length

What is the YUKI

“Yuki” is the distance from the base of the neck to the wrist. For a kimono that is already tailored, it is the distance from the center of the back to the Sode-guchi(sleeve open).

Sodehaba + Katahaba = Yuki

Name of the kimono
Yuki length
Kimono size

Basic “Yuki” length

  • Measure from the bone at the base of the neck to the wrist.
  • Put on the kimono and check the width from the sleeve.

Mathematical formula

Body height × 0.4+2cm

What comes out of this calculation is the length of the Yuki, measured by spreading the arms straight out, parallel to the floor, and the same measurements can be obtained. For example, if you are 165cm tall, the Yuki is 68cm.

Reference image

Wearing image : Height 165cm, Yuki 68cm

裄 Yuki
Kimono measurements

Reference documents

Name of the kimono
Kimono size

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