Sode-Take : Basic Kimono Measurements

Do you have a preference for the Sode-take length?
It is one of the most important measurements to create an elegant or active kimono.
This section describes the kimono measurements, especially the Sode-take length and the impression it gives.

kimono measurements

What is the Sode-take

The length of the sleeve is called the sleeve length.

Name of the kimono
Kimono size

The above illustration can be downloaded from here.
Kimono Documents

Basic Sode-take measurement

For women: 49cm
For men: 49cm-55cm (depending on the height)

Sleeve length and impression

Shorter sleeve length gives an image of activity, while longer sleeve length gives an image of being dressed up or elegant.
The modern sleeve length is 49cm, but the sleeve length in the Taisho era was about 57cm to 64cm.
My sleeve length is 53cm. The sleeve length in the photo is 53cm.

You can change the length of the sleeves depending on your height.
Longer sleeve length is good for taller people.
Longer sleeve length is also recommended for people with thicker bodies.

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