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Kimono Sewing tools are a necessity for all kimono sewers. Here are some of the tools that are especially necessary for kimono sewing. If you want to start sewing kimonos, but don’t know what kind of tools you need and how they differ from common sewing tools, this article may help you.

Tools needed for sewing kimonos are posted in the series “Kimono Sewing Tools“. 
Please read about the other tools as well.

Sewing weight

Kimono Sewing Tools

Many new kimono sewers ask themselves what are the best sewing tools and equipment to have in a beginners sewing kit. 

Kimono sewing Tools can be divided into:

  1. Needles and Pins
  2. Sewing Thread
  3. Cutting Tools
  4. Measuring Tools
  5. Marking Tools
  6. Pressing Tools
  7. Miscellaneous Sewing Tools

f it is difficult to get tools specialized for kimono sewing, Western sewing tools are often sufficient.

Types of sewing weights

All silver sewing weights are used for sewing kimonos. They differ only in size, weight, and manufacturer, but their uses are the same. The sewing weight wrapped in white cloth on the far right is a weight used for “Jinaoshi (ironing tanmono fabric).”

Types of sewing weights
Sewing weight

Kimono Sewing Weights Size

Kimono sewing weights are available in various sizes from about 1.9 kg to 3 kg.
I have five types of kimono sewing weights, and I actually use two types.

Made by Takii (small)

Width 54mm, Length 130mm, Weight 1.5kg

Sewing weight
Sewing weight made by Takii

Made by Takii (large)

Width 60mm, Length 200mm, Weight 2.7kg

Sewing weight

Made by DSKK (for ironing)

width 26mm, length 400mm, weight 1.9kg

Ironing weight

Kimono sewing weight used when sewing kimono

Used for ironing.
Press the cloth down with two sewing weights and iron the cloth between them.

Sewing weight

How to use ironing on tan mono fabrics

Ironing Weight

Pattern weights be substituted?

Pattern weights are too light and are not suitable for kimono sewing. If you can stack several weights on top of each other, you may be able to use them as a substitute, but they will not be as easy to use as rectangular kimono sewing weights.

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