Basic of hand sewing : Kaeshibari and Itoshigoki

Next to the Unshin, the basics of hand sewing that you should learn are the “Kaeshibari at the first and the last seam” and “Itoshigoki”.
Here, I would like to explain the series of steps.
*Kaeshibari = Backstitch


Basic Steps for Hand Sewing

First kaeshibari
Stitch the area where the line is drawn with a pencil.
Stick the needle in the mark at the beginning of the stitch and scoop a stitch. And then…
Pull the thread.
Scoop one more stitch on the same point, and…
Pull the thread.
Now the first “kaeshibari” stitch has been made.
Sew up the mark
Once the “kaeshibari” was made, scoop two or three stitches, and then do the unshin.
Stitching is done until the mark.

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Sweep the thread with the belly of your finger, making sure that the thread and the fabric are the same length.
Last kaeshibari
Scooping the last stitch…
Pull the thread.
This completes the last kaeshibari.
Tie a knot
Once the kaeshibari is made, tie a knot and cut the thread.

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