Single Thread and Double Thread : Kimono Sewing Terms Glossary

WASAI, the traditional way of sewing kimono, is done by hand without using a sewing machine. Here, I explain the threads used for sewing, ” single thread ” and “double thread”.

Hand Sewing Thread

Single Thread and Double Thread

Basically, sew with single thread. Double thread is used only when you want to fasten the cloth sturdily. Specifically, double thread is the case when fastening the sleeves of Awase-kimono.

Single Thread
Double Thread

Knotting Tips

For both single and double threads, tie a knot at the end of the thread. If the thread is long beyond the knot, cut it short.

Single Thread
Not good (bad) example
Single Thread
Good example

How to say in Japanese

Single Thread : IPPON-DORI, いっぽんどり, 一本どり
Double Thread : NIHON-DORI, にほんどり, 二本どり

Other Kimono Sewing Terms

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