Conversion Formula Between cm and shaku

In kimono sewing, we use a unit called ” Kujira-shaku “.
Here is the formula for converting cm to Kujira-shaku.


Conversion formula between cm and shaku


For example, when converting a height of 165 cm to a scale
165 x 2.64 = 435 (rounding down this time to the nearest whole number)

This is read as “4-shaku 3-sun 5-bu.”

The one place is bu(分)
The ten place is sun(寸)
The hundred place is shaku(尺)

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Kujira-syaku  : Kimono sewing tools

Kujira Syaku Monosashi
Kujira syaku monosashi

Why are the numbers that multiply the conversion formula different?

“尺 = cm x 2.64” is equal to “cm = 尺 ÷ 2.62.”
In other words, “cm = 尺 x (1 ÷ 2.64).”

(1 ÷ 2.64) is calculated first.
1 ÷ 2.64 = 0.378787878 = 0.3788

In other words, cm = 尺 x 0.3788

You can see that 尺 → cm and cm → 尺 are the same calculation.

Convert various dimensions

Shaku→cm conversion

Yuki 1尺8寸

Sode-take 1尺3寸

Sode-tsuke 5寸5分

Cm→Syaku conversion

Mae-haba 23cm
23×2.64=60.72 =6寸1分

Ushiro-haba 28.5cm
28.5×2.64=75.24 =7寸5分

Tsumashita-take 82cm
82×2.64=216.48 =2尺1寸6分

Actual size kujira-shaku monosashi document

(Note: Please print the actual size whale scale documents without scaling.

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Actual size kujira-shaku monosashi
Actual size kujira-shaku monosashi

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