Rules for Expressing the Kujira-shaku Scale Using Only Numbers

In the world of kimono sewing, there are still many people who use kujira-shaku, and I am one of them.
In this article, I would like to explain how to writ Kujira-shaku without using the kanji characters for “尺(shaku),” “寸(sun),” and “分(bu).”

Basics of Kujira-shaku Scale

Kujira-shaku Units and Readings

寸:sun [sún]

*The Hepburn system is used for Japanese romanization.

Relationship of Each Unit

In the Kujira-saku scale, “分 (bu)” is the standard.

1/2 bu = 5 ri
1 bu : Standard
10 bu = 1 sun
100 bu = 10 sun = 1 shaku
1000 bu = 100 sun = 10 shaku = 1 jou

It is easy to understand if you have a kujira-syaku monosashi (ruler).
Please take a look at our actual size kujira-shaku monosashi document #9.
You can download it from the kimono documents list.

How to Express the Kujira-shaku Scale Using Only Numbers

When expressing the kujira-shaku scale using only numbers, “分(bu)” is used as the standard.

5ri= 0.5
1bu = 1
1sun = 10
1shaku = 100

For example, it is written “4 shaku 3 sun 5 bu = 435”.
And, “435” is read as “4 shaku 3 zun 5 bu.”

Other examples
3 shaku = 300
6 sun = 60
5 bu = 5
2 bu 5 ri = 2.5

and so on.

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